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On 7th January, 1989, Kornhill Centre was officially opened and transformed into Integrated Children and Youth Services Centre (ICYSC) at 2002. We, based on the mission of our agency, provide a wide range of services including children and youth centre services, reaching out services and school social work services to meet the multifarious needs of children and youth aged 6-24. Other than non-core programmes such as drop-in service, interest classes, band room and study room service, our professional social workers also striving to provide four kinds of core programmes, including guidance and counselling, supportive services for young people in disadvantaged circumstances, socialisation programmes and programmes for social responsibility and competence development. Todays, we have good reputation on uniform groups training and an international youth service project to promote global citizenship education in order to foster youth with strong leadership skill and global mindset to shoulder social responsibility and meet the challenge of new era.